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Localized software is essential to your success.

In order to compete globally, reach new markets and stay one step ahead of the competition, your software has to be widely available to English and non-English speaking users alike. This goes a long way in developing product loyalty in that the consumer feels as though your software was written especially for them. This not only generates a substantial amount of additional sales, it creates an image of your company as one who is truly international.


Professionally translated and localized documents are one of the keys to generating sales in a new market.

For ease of use and to get the maximum results from your product, your documents must speak to your customers in their language and each user must have a positive experience each time they use your product. This creates loyalty and trust in both your product and your company and guarantees repeat business and recommendations.

MyWord's professional document translation process ensures that the localized documents we prepare for you have the same exact meaning and guide the user in the same way as the original.


Break the language barrier and open new markets!

At MyWord, we know that putting together a website for your business is a precise and arduous task. You've chosen the most appropriate design, developed an effective site structure and successfully developed your message and brand-all to generate as many sales as possible.

But to compete internationally, you must speak to potential customers in their own language. With MyWord translating and preparing your website for new markets, you can dramatically increase sales and take your business to the next level.


Can your clients and prospective customers find your translated website?

What good is it having a Japanese website, for example, if it cannot be found when searching in Japanese? Main search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing rank local websites higher than foreign sites. This means having a website in the local language for each new market you enter is important, but not enough.?

The two most popular and most cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your website are MSEO and PPC.


Nothing gets lost!

Accuracy of translation is first and foremost at MyWord. We understand that the critical nature of medical documents demands a complete and accurate translation of text, scientific tables, charts, weights and measurements, and dosages.

MyWord adheres to the highest quality localization industry standards when translating your medical documents. Working closely with our certified translators, we deliver a perfectly-translated, market-ready product that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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