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We hire only the best and brightest at MyWord. This ensures the best possible products and top level customer services for our clients.

Project Managers
Our service-oriented project managers have years of experience managing localization projects of all sizes. They must first have total command of localization technology, then wide and varied experience as a translator before becoming a project manager. This allows them to carefully oversee every stage of the localization process and maintain our high quality standards.

Although our translators (translators/proofreaders/editors/QA) are not in-house employees, they are an essential part of our team. They are all native speakers, experts in their field, certified by MyWord and categorized by their native language and their specific industry expertise. This allows us to assign/allocate the translator which best fits your project parameters to create the best localization products possible. We establish a long term relationship with our translators and gain their loyalty and commitment to creating the best localization products possible. Many work with us for many years.

We have a comprehensive recruiting process and it is not easy to become a part of our linguistic and translation team. The process of hiring a new translator involves studying their resume, a phone interview, reviewing and confirming their recommendations, and relevant testing (translation/proofreading/QA/DTP). The MyWord HR team closely monitors the performance of every translator and new translators are offered ongoing assistance until we are certain they are able to perform at the highest levels and deliver top quality work.

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