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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Proper and professional document localization doesn't end with a detailed and meticulous content translation. The physical layout of the document (table of contents, cross-references, index, etc.) might be affected during the translation process due to the different lengths in languages and must be adjusted to fit the new language. For example, the English word "home" which contains four characters, becomes seven characters in the French word for home - "Accueil".

A staff of experienced experts
Our in-house, multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) department attends to all of the design, functions and display elements of your project, ensuring that they work in perfect harmony with the translated language. This includes document layout and pagination, images, software's icons and screen shots - all expertly translated, optimized and delivered in a high-quality, print-ready layout.

At MyWord, we understand that many of your non-English speaking clients will judge your product (and your company) based solely on the localized and translated version they are using. It's very important when creating a localized product that it's consistent in appearance and functionality and it is as easy to use as the original, no matter what the language. It takes a great deal of care, expertise and experience to create the kind of transparent result that shows no indication of cultural misunderstanding or lack of awareness to the end user.

A highly professional team
MyWord has an in-house, professional team of localization engineers, project managers and DTP specialists, supported by over 400 expert translators-all working together to deliver localized software and translated documents that works seamlessly in any language!

We accept both PC and Mac-based files including InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Quark, Freehand, PageMaker, Corel Draw, FrameMaker, MS Office and others.

You can count on MyWord!

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