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Document Translation

Professionally translated and localized documents are one of the keys to generating sales in a new market.

For ease of use and to get the maximum results from your product, your documents must speak to your customers in their language and each user must have a positive experience each time they use your product. This creates loyalty and trust in both your product and your company and guarantees repeat business and recommendations.

MyWord's professional document translation process ensures that the localized documents we prepare for you have the same exact meaning and guide the user in the same way as the original.

Our document translation service includes manuals, user guides, On-Line Help, marketing and training materials in a wide variety of fields including medical, communication, engineering, academics, law, computers, electronics and many others. Our staff of translators are experts in their field and delivers all the nuances and subtleties that readers expect with an expert translation. They reside in their home countries, remain totally immersed in the local language and stay up to date with new terminology.

When translating documents, complete accuracy is critical. Even one misused word can change the entire meaning of the subject matter or interrupt an important procedure. For example, if one step in a set of instructions is not translated properly, it can bring the entire process to a halt. Imagine what problems could be caused by a poorly-translated user guide, medical procedure or legal document! The only way to avoid these problems is through a guaranteed localization process based on strict quality control and assurances. And that is what MyWord provides you.

For their most accurate and efficient use, your products and their associated documents must use identical terms and be totally in sync with one another. MyWord engineers and translators maintain perfect synchronization throughout the entire translation process.

The document translation process begins with a comprehensive file analysis which points out any and all issues that might affect the translation process or the translated document's layout and functionality. It is highly important to locate and fix any document malfunction or layout issue prior to the translation stage in order to prevent replication of these errors in the translated documents.

Note: Document layout and functionality might be slightly affected due to the different lengths in languages. We will make the proper adjustments so that nothing is lost or misleading.

The process:
  • Initial planning - Going over the localization process together with the client then verifying that all material has been delivered. Milestones are set and deadlines are agreed upon.
  • Preparation - File preparation for localization.
  • Creating terminology base & glossary - Which guide the translators.
  • Translation kit - We believe that the translator should focus on the language aspect of the product in order to provide the highest quality translation while our engineers deal with the technical work of the localization. We provide each translator with a translation kit that contains translation memory, glossary list, converted files, style guides and project relevant instructions so they can focus entirely on translating the language and not have to deal with any technical issues.
  • Translation & proofreading - Performed by MyWord certified translators.
  • DTP - This a manual adjustment of the document layout made necessary due to the different lengths of words and sentences in the translated language.
  • Quality Assurance - The localized document is checked by our professional multilingual quality assurance team and a relevant mother tongue QA expert.
  • Delivery of product - On time and on budget.
  • Customer satisfaction and approval - This final stage ensures that each client has a chance to review the results of their project and have all their questions answered. Here, we also make sure the client is prepared to properly implement and move forward with their new products.
And at MyWord, we not only make sure your documents are properly translated, we check them for ease of use and complete functionality. This ensures a high quality product that works flawlessly across all languages.

A staff of experienced experts
We understand that your document is your company image and therefore it must be carried out professionally. MyWord has an in-house, professional team of localization engineers, project managers and DTP specialist supported by over 400 expert translators-all working together to deliver a localized document that works seamlessly in any language.

When working with MyWord, you will be assigned a dedicated localization project manager who will be in close contact with you through every stage of your current and future projects. With each translation come a number of cultural issues and language-specific nuances. We know that a simple turn of a phrase, not translated properly, can be misleading and confusing. That's why we require such experience, skill and tremendous attention to detail from our staff. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

You can count on MyWord!

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