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Medical Translation

Nothing gets lost!

Accuracy of translation is first and foremost at MyWord. We understand that the critical nature of medical documents demands a complete and accurate translation of text, scientific tables, charts, weights and measurements, and dosages.

MyWord adheres to the highest quality localization industry standards when translating your medical documents. Working closely with our certified translators, we deliver a perfectly-translated, market-ready product that will meet or exceed your expectations.

When translating medical material -? medical translation, complete accuracy is critical. Even one misused word can change the entire meaning of the subject matter or interrupt an important procedure. For example, if one step in a set of instructions is not translated properly, it can bring the entire process to a halt. Imagine what problems could be caused by a poorly-translated medical user guide or medical software! The only way to avoid these problems is through a guaranteed localization process based on strict quality control and assurances. And that is what MyWord provides you.

With each translation comes a number of cultural issues and language-specific nuances. We know that a simple turn of a phrase, not translated properly, can be misleading and confusing. Therefore,

MyWord medical certified linguistics are specialists in medical terminology, pharmaceutical terms, patient care guidelines and critical treatment protocols. Our medical translators are carefully selected by our HR department and are categorized by their mother tongue language and field of expertise. This ensures that we match the most qualified translators to your project.

As with our other products, expert localization of your medical software allows you to open new markets and compete at the global level. Your translated software and its accompanying documents will perform as seamlessly as the original and the translation will be totally transparent to the user. Read more about software localization and document translation.

We offer medical translation services in the following areas:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare (including toxicology, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology and most other disciplines)
  • Physician and patient manuals and forms
  • Patient protocols
  • Therapy and rehabilitation

A staff of experienced experts

At MyWord, we understand that your product is your company image and therefore every project is carried out in the most professional way possible. MyWord has an in-house, professional team of localization engineers, project managers and DTP specialists, supported by over 400 expert translators - all working together to deliver a localized product that works perfectly in any language.

When working with MyWord, you will be assigned a dedicated localization project manager who will be in close contact with you through every stage of your current and subsequent projects..

Expert translators and linguistics - combined with the highest quality assurance standards and the very best in customer service - makes MyWord your best choice for all your medical translation and localization needs.

You can count on MyWord!

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