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Quality Assurance (QA)

MyWord is an industry leader in delivering high quality localization and translation products. Our quality assurance procedures follow your project from beginning to end.

Our QA department is manned by experienced and professionally-trained experts specializing in linguistic, functional and cosmetic quality assurance procedures. The QA process is carried out by a relevant native speaker that is an expert in their language. This means your product will be fully tested and perform as expected for any and all languages.

Document and online help QA
The process of document localization involves translation, proofreading and DTP (desktop publishing). We ensure that every file is free of errors before it moves on to the printing stage and the conversion to online help.

The document QA includes:
  • Linguistic - Performed by a professional native speaker and expert proofreader.
  • Cosmetic - The translated document is closely examined by our QA personnel to verify that the DTP specialist adjusted the document layout, graphics and screen shots to fit the new language. This is done before it is delivered to the printing house or converted to online help.
  • Functional - Verifying that the functionality of the document and the online help (cross-references, hyperlinks, table of content, index, etc.) work properly with the new language.

Website QA
We recognize that your website is your company image. This means that it must be perfectly converted in all languages and must function and perform as intended.

The website QA includes:
  • Linguistic - Performed by a professional native speaker and expert proofreader.
  • Cosmetic - Each page of the new website is verified to make sure the translation has preserved the look and feel of the original website.
  • Functional - Ensures that each page of the translated website functions properly in different browsers.

Software QA
After localization and translation, every feature of your software is checked by our quality assurance team to make sure it functions in exactly the same way as the original version. Software QA is performed at the client's office or remotely, depending on the project.

The Software QA includes:
  • Linguistic - Since part of the text is being translated "out of context" and because the same word may have several correct translations in the target language, a professional native speaker proofreader checks each screen to verify that the correct and most appropriate term was chosen.
  • Cosmetic - Due to different lengths in languages our QA personnel verify that the translated text fits the allocated room in each button, menu and tool tip and that all elements can be easily viewed and accessed.
  • Functional - The translated software is carefully checked to ensure that it functions properly, including handling text in foreign languages, search commands, hotkeys and other functions.

Our quality assurance team and our highly-detailed QA procedures ensure the best possible localization and translation products.?

You can count on MyWord!

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