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Software Localization

Localized software is essential to your success.

In order to compete globally, reach new markets and stay one step ahead of the competition, your software has to be widely available to English and non-English speaking users alike. This goes a long way in developing product loyalty in that the consumer feels as though your software was written especially for them. This not only generates a substantial amount of additional sales, it creates an image of your company as one who is truly international.

In addition to the advantages above, a localized version of your product dramatically reduces the money you need to spend for customer support and services. You can invest the time and money you save in developing new products and positioning your company for continued success.

At MyWord, we understand that your non-English speaking clients will judge your product (and your company) based solely on the localized version they are using. Therefore your localized software must perform at the same high level as the original English version. Our translation and localization services will deliver a product to your targeted languages that functions flawlessly and with the same look and feel of your English version.

During the localization process, we take great care to address cultural aspects of the targeted languages. This ensures?a positive and productive use of your product as it will speak to your customers in their language and they will be able to take advantage of ALL the features of your software.

A successful project requires careful planning and a solid infrastructure. Issues that are not detected and solved prior to the translation will be also appear in the localized software. For example, when style guides are used, each style must be consistent in format and purpose. Any inconsistencies must be corrected before the translation begins.

Therefore, at MyWord, each software localization project begins with a thorough analysis including a "Pseudo translation" which checks the software readiness for localization and if needed, allows MyWord software engineers to solve issues before the software is translated. Along with this, we create a terminology list and a style guide with the help of the client to act as a guide for our translators during their work. Once the project infrastructure is properly in place and these measures are taken, our software engineers prepare the files for translation and the localization work continues.

The process:
  • Initial planning - Going over the localization process together with the client then verifying that all material has been delivered. Milestones are set and deadlines are agreed upon.
  • Preparation - Pseudo translation and file preparation for localization.
  • Creating terminology list & glossary - Which guide the translators during the translation work.
  • Translation kit - We believe that the translator should focus on the language aspect of the product in order to provide the highest quality translation while our engineers deal with the technical work of the localization. We provide each translator with a translation kit that contains translation memory, glossary list, converted files, style guides and project relevant instructions so they can focus entirely on translating the language and not have to deal with any technical issues.
  • Translation & proofreading - Performed by MyWord certified translators.
  • GUI resizing and adjustment - A manual adjustment of buttons, menus, message boxes and dialog boxes made necessary due to the different lengths of words and sentences in the translated language.
  • Quality Assurance - The localized software is checked by our professional multilingual quality assurance team and a relevant mother tongue QA expert.
  • Delivery of product - On time and on budget.
  • Customer satisfaction and approval - This final stage ensures that each client has a chance to review the results of their project and have all their questions answered. Here, we also make sure the client is prepared to properly implement and move forward with their new products.
A staff of experienced experts
At MyWord, we understand that your software is your company image and therefore every project must be carried out in the most professional way possible. MyWord has an in-house, professional team of localization engineers, project managers and DTP specialists, supported by over 400 expert translators-all working together to deliver a localized software that works seamlessly in any language.

When working with MyWord, you will be assigned a dedicated localization project manager who will be in close contact with you through every stage of your current and future projects. With each translation comes a number of cultural issues and language-specific nuances. We know that a simple turn of a phrase, not translated properly, can be misleading and confusing. That's why we require such experience, skill and tremendous attention to detail from our staff. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

You can count on MyWord!

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