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Break the language barrier and open new markets!

At MyWord, we know that putting together a website for your business is a precise and arduous task. You've chosen the most appropriate design, developed an effective site structure and successfully developed your message and brand-all to generate as many sales as possible.

But to compete internationally, you must speak to potential customers in their own language. With MyWord translating and preparing your website for new markets, you can dramatically increase sales and take your business to the next level.

With MyWord, the whole world becomes your marketplace!
It's very important that a localized website appears to the customer as it was originally written in their language and must perform in exactly the same way as well. Therefore, it is highly important to translate your site to fit the local culture but at the same time, preserve your original message. We'll maintain the appearance and integrity of your website, preserve your SEO efforts and precisely deliver your message and brand to thousands of new customers.

Your website is a significant part of your company's marketing efforts. Whether yours is used as a direct sales online platform or to provide general information about your company, you built it to generate business within your market. And if you did it right, it's working well and bringing about considerable results.

Now that you've decided to sell your products and services outside of your country, your website must speak the local language in order to achieve the same goals as your current website. A localized website is a must and an essential tool for opening a new market.

Content is what drives sales. Recent studies show that those surfing the web are much more likely to buy products and services from websites written in their mother tongue. And they are more comfortable making purchases when the content of the site is speaking directly to them.

A localized site means more traffic (and more sales)
Main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rank localized websites higher than foreign sites so it's very important to have a localized site for each new market you enter. Not only will your localized site speak directly to your customers in a language they understand, but it is more likely to be found when your clients search in their language.

With MyWord preparing your website for new markets, the opportunities for generating additional sales are almost endless. You might find that your products sell extremely well in number non-English speaking countries. Or you may discover a new market you weren't even aware of. It's our job to make sure your translated website works flawlessly. It's your job to enjoy the increase in business!

A staff of experienced experts
At MyWord we understand that your website is your company image and therefore it must be carried out professionally. MyWord has an in-house, professional team of localization engineers, project managers and DTP specialist supported by over 400 expert translators-all working together to deliver a translated website that works seamlessly in any language.

When working with MyWord, you will be assigned a dedicated localization project manager who will be in close contact with you through every stage of your current and future projects. With each translation come a number of cultural issues and language-specific nuances. We know that a simple turn of a phrase, not translated properly, can be misleading and confusing. That's why we require such experience, skill and tremendous attention to detail from our staff. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

You can count on MyWord!

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